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While you’re here, I’d like to tell you about the Energise Career Success e course.

Did you fall into your current career receiving little support for what other options might suit you better?

Do you find yourself feeling daunted and stuck about career change
but know it’s something you definitely need/want to do?

Do you feel unclear about what skills you have and what careers these could be relevant in?

Do you dread going to work, wish you could be somewhere else and
feel low in energy and frustrated?

Do you feel sure that you want a career change
but don’t know where to start?

Do you feel daunted about promoting yourself and networking which
puts you off making a career change?

Many people at the moment are staying in their jobs, even if they want career change, whether because of a shortage of options or for financial security. If you are one of them, then this e course is the ideal companion for you. Why? You can focus on your career change from the security of a job, so that when you are ready and the economy picks up, you are ready to make your leap. Whether you want to or need to change career, this e course is a strategic, thorough and practical way of approaching career change.

If you have been made redundant and are at a career crossroads, then you have time and space to go through the e course intensively.

Are you ready to find out more?

Career Change e courseIn our Energise Career Success e course, we will take you through a step by step programme showing you how you can:

  • Identify your VALUES – what’s important to you, so you ensure you get these in your future career and gain greater FULFILMENT at work
  • Pinpoint what really MOTIVATES you so that you can choose a new career that makes you feel FANTASTIC
  • Get clear about your FEARS about career change and how to OVERCOME them so you move forward successfully rather than procrastinate
  • Get INSIGHTS from your career to date to INFORM your future decisions so you make a sound strategic decision
  • Feel clear about what makes you unique and MARKETABLE – your skills, strengths, and unique life and work experiences and NEW CAREERS where they are useful
  • Define a clear career GOAL and step by step PLAN so that you create your new career as easily as possible.
  • CRAFT a clear and distinctive personal brand that gives you a clear NICHE so that you stand out in the market place ahead of your COMPETITORS
  • Learn how to put yourselves in the shoes of your TARGET AUDIENCE so that you understand their needs better and make a POSITIVE IMPRESSION
  • Identify people in your network who can help you to fill INFORMATION GAPS and get you warm INTRODUCTIONS into your new career area
  • Learn how to feel CONFIDENT talking about your talents and what makes you useful and SPECIAL

Through the Energise Career Success e course, you will gain insights and practical tools and templates that will not only help you to identify your new career, but also you can use in the future.

Through the Energise Career Success e course you will gain all you need to uncover your future career, with enjoyable and practical exercises, career change tips and inspiring success stories

Here’s an outline of the Energise career change e course which has ten sections.

Section 1: Introduction
Contents, Overview of e course, Key to symbols used. Information about career change, common triggers and catalysts for career change, some tips to get you started, information about the changing world of work and why people need to take responsibility for their own career. It also shares why we created the e-course!

Section 2: Where am I and why am I there?
Understanding why you chose your career in the first place, looking at your career in the context of your life as a whole, reviewing your career to date, and asking yourself some self-reflective questions to get insights.

Section 3: Am I ready for a change?
What really motivates and energises you: reflecting on the satisfaction you have had in your current/most recent role and likes and dislikes of all the jobs you have done so far in your career, to help you crystallise what you really want in your new career.

Section 4: What is stopping me making a change?
The broad obstacles about your career change, your specific fears and solutions to overcome them and your limiting beliefs about career change. Common obstacles include lack of time, money, fear, lack of confidence, feeling like a ‘one trick pony’.

Section 5: What resources do I have?
What your skills and talents are, feedback about you from your network, your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Section 6: Where could I be?
What your best skill is and how to use it in new work contexts, growing your horizons and looking at new career options, and what you need and want from your career.

Section 7: How could I get there?
Who is in your network, clarity on what makes you unique and defining your personal branding

Section 8: How will I know that I have been successful?
Creating a focused career goal, plan and vision, defining your own success criteria for your new career, evaluating your current and future career, scoring your current or most recent job and creating a vision for your future.

Section 9: How do I keep on track?
A chance for you to recap what you have discovered so far, reassess the outcome of the exercises and draw conclusions from the course; against which you can chart progress in the future.

Section 10: Further resources & inspiration
Inspiring client examples, my own career journey, book recommendations and more about Energise.

A taster of additional value you get from working together

Tools, exercises and templates to create the foundation of your career change

A clear and thorough step by step process so your career change feels less daunting

Inspiring examples of successful career change

A mind map of your network to help you think about introductions to help your career change

Exercises that you can use again and again to plan future goals

My own career change journey

So what does the Energise Career Success e course offer?

10 X sections of the Energise career change e course, over 250 pages
Step by step strategic process giving you all the pieces of the jigsaw you need to create a successful career change
Over 20 practical exercises
Tools you can use again and again in future
A career coaching session with Rachel Brushfield to ask any questions

Cost and what else you get

  • £399 including VAT for purchase of all sections in one go, saving £71 or 15% off the ‘pay-as you-go’ subscription price of £39 + VAT = £45.83, downloading one section a month for 10 months, total for all ten sections = £458.30 including VAT.
  • Plus two bonus articles ‘Maximising your potential in the changing world of work‘ and ‘Purpose-Full living
  • FREE Energise bulletins each month via e mail; Career Strategies, Self Promotion, Smart Living and Working
  • 30 minutes of individual telephone career coaching with Rachel Brushfield included
  • 20% off further individual career coaching £120/hour, usual price £150/hour +VAT
  • Inspiring quotes, client examples and cartoons to make you smile

Through the Energise Career Success E course, you will be able to create your career change, step by step, a career that helps you honour your values, motivates you and plays to your strengths.

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“Enlightened Exercises”

“After thirty years of working in one field and sheer ennui, it was time to make some changes. Coupled with a serious downturn in the economy and career paralysis, I asked Rachel Brushfield and her company Energise to help evaluate career options. Through in-depth questioning and enlightened exercises, she helped me realize that while expanding my original career path would be a safe bet, it would not necessarily bring me new horizons nor would it relieve the current frustration I was experiencing within the field. While doing something totally outside the box was a pretty scary alternative, not to mention a financial anxiety; with her incisive probing, Rachel helped me to decide what would really make me happy in the second half of my career, confront the fears, identify the appropriate issues and put in place a plan to make it happen. One year in the making, centred around my passionate interest in cheese, my new company has launched. And thanks to Rachel, Domaines & Terroirs is now promoting our tours of regional France, the people and terroir which support the creation of this fabulous hand made product. I credit Energise for kick-starting our realization.”

Debbi Baron


Great practical advice

Very insightful, helping to identify unique skills and talent and really question your career path. Great practical advice and insight

Emma Bowring


Inventive approach”

Rachel is the first coach I have worked with who has been able to help me find tools for developing my business and talents that fit my own creativity. I really appreciate that she is able to step outside the box and isn’t afraid to be inventive in her approach.”

Rebecca Johnson


Think outside the box

Rachel was recommended to me by one of her extensive network of contacts at a time when I was at a crossroads in my career and needed help to decide what was next. Rachel has an amazing ability to help you gain clarity of thought regarding what you really want to do and to think outside the box regarding possibilities for the future. In my case it has led to a complete and very positive life change which I don’t think I would have made without her assistance.

Vicki Parker


“Discover new insights”

I can’t remember the last time I did something purely for myself. Rachel provided me with the space to think and reflect about my life goals. She helped me to define a clear path of progression and we came up with a plan to achieve them in both the short and longer term. The entire process helped me to discover new insights and I quickly came to understand an awful lot more about my own strengths and capabilities. I found Rachel’s tools and advice to be relevant and useful. I’ve already recommended Rachel to my colleagues and friends.”

Sandy Mahal


Latest new approaches

Rachel is one of the most enthusiastic people I know. She is insightful and thorough and is always full of new ideas. She is an excellent coach, especially in the area of Talent and Career development. She writes and is very ‘plugged into’ current research and the latest new approaches. She is also very supportive and generous to her friends and colleagues and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Jacqui Grey


Inspire creative thinking

Rachel has a unique ability to inspire creative thinking utilising her wealth of experience and knowledge. She always goes the extra mile for her friends and clients. I whole heartedly recommend her.”

Kasia Bannon


Explore your potential

Rachel is a sharp thinker with a great ability to ask the right questions, flesh out key issues, set clear goals and plan the next course of action. Professional, calm, and a great listener, Rachel creates a space where you can freely explore your potential while always making it realistic and actionable. Also providing a fantastic follow-up service, with Rachel you know you are in safe hands and on the right track.”

Menno Kuijper



After a first session with Rachel, I can definitely recommend her as a career coach. She’s very focused, has lots of terrific experience and tools at her fingertips and, more importantly, I think she has an intuitive understanding of what motivates different people. For getting the best out of yourself – or someone who works for you – she comes highly recommended.

Sue Poulsen


Tips and hints

It focused me and with your sharing of so much knowledge as well as tips and hints gave me a huge amount of support and a gentle kick to go and be great at what I really want to do. Thanks!”

Pat Farr



Coaching has allowed me to focus on the career I want. I now recognise that many of the limiting beliefs that I held were as a result of trying to please other people. It has enabled me to see with more clarity what I want from a job and the type of organisation I want to work for.”

Sarah Greaves, The Arts



Energise gave me the confidence to articulate more clearly my skills and experience in an interview situation.

Anna Adsetts, Marketing


Re-engage passion

As a Business Consultant in an ever changing & demanding market, I have called upon Rachel’s wisdom and expertise on many occasions over the years. Her ability to re-focus one’s mind and channel it in a new direction never fails to impress. I would highly recommend Rachel to any individual or Company wishing to tap into their true potential and maximise their efforts.

Kathryn Bushby


Overcome barriers

Rachel is brilliant. She is full of creative ideas and excellent at identifying and helping overcome behaviours or thought processes which are barriers to obtaining your goals.

Fiona Mckenzie



I first used Rachel when I was looking for a career change. Rachel’s clarity of thought, superb listening skills and sound knowledge allowed me to see clearly what were my priorities in life and what my real values were.

Martin Gammon


Portfolio career

Rachel helped me to plan and successfully execute my personal development plan, including exiting from an substantial global executive role with IBM in order to embark on a higher risk portfolio career of non-executive and board advisory roles. Rachel’s coaching techniques (and models) are far more time efficient than most, which is great for busy execs that want to ‘cut to the chase’ and new ideas rather than feeling that the clock is running with little really achieved. I would certainly recommend Rachel’s services to other board execs or business owners who are considering major career development steps within their business or a move elsewhere.”

Bryan Foss


Vision and strategy

Rachel’s combined coaching and talent management expertise has really worked for me. She has helped me to think through and get clarity on a vision and strategy for myself and the steps to get there. Rachel is skilled at putting herself in other people’s shoes and helping you to identify how to overcome blocks. She really does go that ‘extra mile’ – she’s full of practical and creative insights and ideas. I would strongly recommend her.”

Sarah Langton


Common sense approach

As a client of Rachel, I was impressed by her ability to help me to examine all perspectives and ensure that any course of action was properly thought through. She has a wonderful knowledge of NLP and uses it to great effect. Her background in branding means that she brings a commercial focus and her clients comment to me how much that have benefited from her common sense approach to coaching. Highly recommended.”

Hannah McNamara


Overcoming obstacles

Rachel guided me to think about the obstacles that stood in the way of my chosen career and to reflect on how to overcome them, something I had been unable to do by myself, mainly due to a lack of confidence. Rachel gave me back my confidence in my ability and in my chosen career, and inspired me to do all I could to achieve my goals and I am now on track to achieve my professional goals. Thank you Rachel!”

Anna Colgan


“Focus to make change happen”

“Rachel is excellent for anyone looking to change career and enables you to get clear on what you really enjoy and are passionate about and then focus on how to make it happen.”

Lesley Reader

buy complete career strategies e-coursebuy section 1 of 10 section career strategies e-course

Hello !

Rachel BrushfieldMy name is Rachel Brushfield and I specialise in career change. I have over 23 years’ experience and I set up Energise in 1997 and have ensured that I have kept my skills up to date to be useful to you. My own career started in marketing and brand strategy and communication in the food industry and I then trained as a coach, before specialising in career strategy and coaching. In 2008, I took 6 months out to research and create a new area for my business – talent management, employer branding and employee engagement. This means that I have good knowledge of work trends and what competencies employers are looking for which is very useful for you embarking on your career change journey.

I am trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is useful to help you to have greater self-awareness, set goals, create strategies to achieve them and overcome blocks.

I have created many useful tools, templates and exercises shared in the e course to help my clients design the perfect career for them. I have also successfully reinvented my own career from working in marketing and brand and communication strategy for products and services to helping people with career change and companies with insights and strategies to better engage their workforce.

I work with clients in all sectors and my clients include Duncan Goose, winner of a 2007 ITV People of Briton Award and Peter Cornell, managing partner of Clifford Chance, the biggest law firm in the world.

Through the e course, I bring you insights, incisiveness, new ideas and fresh clarity. I also connect my clients with useful contacts and resources to help them with their career change. I am passionate about helping people to liberate their talent and do a career they really love.

About you

You are established in your career and have come to a career crossroads either because you have been made redundant or because you are fed up of being fed up in your work. You have either never enjoyed your career, a life event has been a catalyst/wake up call or your desire to make a change has been building for a while or change has been forced upon you e.g. because of redundancy. You have responsibilities such as a mortgage and/or children and feel cautious about spending money in uncertain times, so you haven’t made the leap yet even though you know you definitely need a change with a matter of urgency.

What do you fear about career change?

What do you fear about Career Change

You know you need a career change but are afraid of making the wrong decision and regretting it. You find it hard to see the wood for the trees, what you are good at and feel like a ‘one trick pony.’ You don’t know what other careers or jobs you would be good at or where to look. You are concerned about going to the bottom of the ladder and having to start all over again and worry about taking a step down having worked hard all these years. You may be wanting to make a difference and contribute something to the world with a job that gives you more meaning, purpose and satisfaction. You know you need to market yourself and network, but this feels daunting and you think self-promotion is pushy.

“Only in growth, reform and change, paradoxically, is true security to be found.” Anne Morrow Lindbergh.

What is my solution?

I specialise in career change. I help my clients to create a career strategy that reflects who they are and what they really want to do. I have designed a step-by-step e course, which has all the jigsaw pieces for you to create successful career change. We look at your values, what motivates you, your unique talents and where they are useful. We identify strategic career options and then screen them, resulting in a career goal and plan to achieve it. I help you to identify and overcome any actual or perceived blocks that you encounter on the way and support you to identify your brand, feel clear about how to market yourself, and how to leverage your network. I help you to counter any inner resistance or resistance from people close to you so that you win them round. Through self reflective questions and exercises, I help you to see ways of using your talents that you can’t see yourself.

How do you know it’ll work?

I specialise in career strategy and coaching and have worked supporting many clients through their successful career reinventions – these are shared in the e course. My combined skill-set of marketing, branding, strategy, coaching and talent management is an unusual and useful one which I have built up over 23 years to help you identify and implement your successful career change. I have many testimonials from satisfied clients and I work with professionals from many sectors so have good knowledge of diverse careers and sectors. My company Energise was one of the first companies to be approved by the government in the UK to support unemployed professionals and executives through Jobcentre Plus.

Client list

I have worked with executives in many different professions and sectors including:

  • Law
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources
  • Property
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Accountancy
  • Production
  • Publishing
  • Charity

Published articles in the press

Press coverage for my company Energise has included; Career Times, a monthly column in Oxfordshire Life, In Business magazine, articles in Cotswold Life, The Lawyer and my clients have been featured in ‘Hello’ magazine. I have been quoted in Saturday Times and Metro Newspaper as well as The Lawyer Career Times column. I have published many articles and career guides on career change and done pro bono career talks at Oxford Job fair and Civvylisation event for people leaving the forces. I have also been on BBC Radio Oxford talking about various career issues.

I have 3 blogs, one for the marketing and communication industry Brand Republic, one for the financial City on the portal under the pseudonym ‘Phoenix Ashes’ and my Energise blog.

Energise articles have included:

  • Maximising your potential in the changing world of work
  • Career crossroads
  • Career reinvention
  • Career goal, strategy and plan
  • Portfolio working
  • Downshifting
  • Fears about career change

Plus 35 career guides with new topics being added all the time.

Our clients also benefit from our Energise monthly e mail bulletins:

  • Career strategies
  • Self-promotion
  • Smart living and working

How do you book on the e course?

Click on one of the following buttons to BUY COMPLETE E-COURSE or BUY SECTION 1 NOW:

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You will then be taken to a page to complete your details and make your payment, after which you will receive a confirmation e mail confirming your place, together with the e course details.

By clicking on the ‘BUY COMPLETE E-COURSE’ button, you are choosing to buy all ten sections in one go, cost £399 including VAT. Payment is via PayPal. You will receive one PDF of the complete e course.

By clicking on the ‘BUY SECTION 1 NOW’ button, you are choosing to subscribe to receive one section per month for ten months. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Cost per section is £39 + VAT = £45.83 a month. Total paid over 10 months = £458.30 including VAT. Payment is via PayPal. You will receive one PDF each month for ten months, sent to your e mail address automatically.

Are you convinced, or if you are a typical professional, you are probably evaluating the decision from different angles. Ask yourself this question:

Do you want to create a successful career change with fast results and minimum stress? Do you feel that enlisting the help of an expert will help you to overcome the blocks to successful career change that you have been grappling with for months, maybe years?

In that case, click on one of the following buttons to BUY COMPLETE E-COURSE or BUY SECTION 1 NOW to order your Energise Career Success e course and start creating your future:

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Don’t miss out as there are limited places available for each e course programme.

If you are a typical client, you may be thinking one or more of the following:

  • You don’t have time to spend on career change as you are busy with your work/home commitments
  • You are concerned about the investment and don’t want to spend too much
  • You don’t know what new career you want and find it hard to believe that someone else can help you to see what you can’t see yourself
  • Why choose Energise? There are lots of other ways of creating a new career e.g. career change books
  • You worry that your new career won’t make you happier and more fulfilled that the current one

Let me address these concerns one at a time; addressing blocks about marketing and self-promotion is a key part of the Energise Career Success e course, by the way.

You don’t have time to spend on career change, as you are busy with your work/home commitments

We know how busy life can be fitting everything in, especially with a family. That’s why we have created this e course which gives you a time effective solution and which you can do when it suits you, fitting in with your own schedule. The e course format means that you can work at your own pace – as slowly or quickly as you want.

You are concerned about the investment and don’t want to spend too much

We understand that people are cautious about money, especially in the current economic climate. That’s why we have developed this e course programme, which gives you excellent value for money without compromising the quality of the service that you get. If investment is an issue, phased payment, section by section is one of the payment options. We challenge you to find a better value programme of as high quality as this one.

You don’t know what new career you want and find it hard to believe that someone else can help you to see what you can’t see yourself

People get so close to themselves that it is hard to see the wood for the trees. In addition, you can only know what you know, based on your experiences and career to date. Identifying new careers that would suit your talents and for which there is a demand is a specialist skill. Because we work with many professionals from different sectors and have good knowledge of work trends, new careers and what companies are looking for, we can help you to identify new career options which meet your career and financial aspirations.

Why choose Energise? There are lots of other ways of creating a new career e.g. career change books

We specialise in career change and help you to identify your new career yourself as well as sharing insights and ideas that it is hard to see yourself. The e course is packed full of tools, exercises, tips and inspiring case studies to help you create your career change step by step. The e course also helps you create a marketing and communication strategy for your new career. We have collected the career tools and exercises over 23 years as well as creating new ones, and we make sure that we are up to date with work trends, new careers and what employers are looking for, reading leading research from top organisations including; The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, The Institute of Employment Studies, Mckinsey and Hay Group for example.

We are a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, The International Coaching Federation and the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and continually invest in our own skills and knowledge through our own personal and professional development.

You worry that your new career won’t make you happier and more fulfilled that the current one

The fact that you are reading this indicates that you are not fulfilled with your work or are looking for new options. Most people fall into their career by accident or without considering too many options or research, so the chances are that with the in depth process that the e course follows, you will identify a career that is more ‘you.’ Because we help you to understand your values, skills, motivations, needs and wants, something that it is unlikely that you did when you chose your original career, the likelihood is that the new career options you identify will suit you better. You can never be 100% sure that any decision you make is the right one and fear of making the wrong decision and regretting it or making a mistake is common and can stop people from taking any action at all. Life is too short to stay in a career you hate or to feel stuck. Action is the best plan and the e course is carefully structured to help you evaluate the decision you are making, what career options you are eliminating and why. Indeed one of the things we cover is how to know that you are making the right decision.

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.Henri Bergson

10 reasons to choose Energise

  1. Background in marketing to help you market yourself
  2. Brand heritage to help you create a personal brand
  3. Thorough step by step strategic approach
  4. Up to date with current and future work trends
  5. Clear instructions to make process easy
  6. Specialise in career change
  7. Successfully reinvented own career
  8. Run own successful business for over thirteen years
  9. Experience of private sector, self employment, contract and freelance work
  10. Knowledge of many professions and careers

Ready to book?

Click on one of the following buttons to BUY COMPLETE E-COURSE or BUY SECTION 1 NOW to order your Energise Career Success e course:

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