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Energising Secrets of “Pain Free Career Change”

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  • How to uncover your new career strategically
  • How fear about change is natural and how to make your career transition pain free
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About Energise

My name is Rachel Brushfield and I run my own successful business called Energise Brand Communications Ltd., which I set up in 1997. Energise is The Talent Liberation Company, helping professionals to successfully uncover a career they love and have more fulfillment at work. I specialise in career change. Our unique combination of skills, experience and insights help professionals to make career change pain free in today’s challenging and changing world of work.

Many people fall into their career by chance or choose a career that their parents approved of or a teacher recommended, so is it surprising that many people don’t enjoy their work? Life is too short to do work you don’t enjoy, and even in a downturn successful career change can be created.

The world of work has changed forever. More and more people are seeking better work life balance, to do work that makes a difference and gives them a sense of meaning and purpose and which plays to their strengths.  With some careers disappearing altogether, new careers emerging and retirement getting later, it is more important than ever to take responsibility and find a career you love, market yourself and define your personal brand to create success.

The trouble is that people are really good at stopping themselves from doing what they really want! Changing career can feel overwhelming and daunting, especially the more responsibilities you have, but fear is natural and can be overcome.

Specialising in career reinvention, I help professionals in all sectors and professions including lawyers, accountants, HR, marketers and IT to change career and my clients include Duncan Goose winner of an ITV 2007 People of Briton Award and Peter Cornell, formerly managing partner of Clifford Chance, the biggest law firm in the world.

What has come up with all clients is:

  • a lack of self confidence and self belief
  • difficulty seeing their transferable skills
  • dislike of marketing and self promotion
  • lack of clarity about what makes them unique
  • fear about career change and making the wrong decision

You can only know what you know – if you have only done one career all your life, it can be hard to see what transferable skills you have and how they can be used in different ways. Because I also do human capital consulting and talent management, I know what work and consumer trends are emerging and what employers are looking for.

This FREE Energise Career Success “Pain free career change” report shares secrets and answers these questions:

  • Why so many people dislike their career and why career change is daunting
  • Why everyone is unique and talented but don’t realise/see it
  • Why it is important to market yourself and keep your skills updated
  • How to approach career change to create success

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